Shell command to expose any other command as http.

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ashttp provide a simple way to expose any shell command by HTTP. For example, to expose top by HTTP, try : ashttp -p8080 top ; then try http://localhost:8080.


ashttp depends on hl_vt100, a headless VT100 emulator.

To get and compile hl_vt100 :

$ git clone
$ aptitude install python-dev
$ make python_module
$ python install


ashttp can serve any text application over HTTP, like :

$ ashttp -p 8080 top

to serve a top on port 8080

$ ashttp -p 8080 watch -n 1 ls -lah /tmp

to serve an actualized directory listing of /tmp


ashttp is licenced under a two clauses BSD lience, that you can find in the copyright file.